Style65 Han
 Code 20180221104308
 Selling Price 560.00
 Points 5.60
 Skin Color
 Default Wig
 Default Eye
 Manufacturer Migidoll
 Face-up by Nornen
 Made in Korea
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Guy Body Ⅱ (65)








 - Han head + Guy BodyⅡ (65),  Guarantee card, Doll Cushion, Doll Box.  

   (Face-up, Outfit, Wig, Eyes and Shoes not included) 


- Makeup : (+ $60)

- Skin Color : Normal Skin / White Skin / Suntan Skin(+ $80) 

- Default Wig : (+ $15) CH-SSD-010(Color Random) / CH-SSD-013(Color Random) / CH-SSD-032(Color Random) 

- Default Eye : Glass eye 14mm(+ $15)  



- Wig Size : 8~9 inch 

- Shoes Size : MS-Style Size 

- Eye Size : 14mm  





 - For this product, Layaway is possible.  


- Head and body are assembled before shipping. 

- Eyes are not fixed in the head to prevent from damage during shipping.  

  Please set eyes in your favorite direction by using the putty included.

- The skin color can be vary depending on your monitor setting.
- Shipping Date : within 8~9 weeks after payment is confirmed.



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