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Sleeping Beauty [Choa]-Limited ver.1
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 Manufacturer Migidoll
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The Love 26 - Momo & Choa are released as ["Sleeping Beauty" ver.1 ] in Migidoll web-site. 


It will be sells only five units each, including Korean and English websites. 


It is sold as a limited-make up with whole doll, custom-made wig by Migidoll, new colored eyes of mirror rake, limited outfit and shoes as full set.


It will open at 8:00 p.m. on March 25th.







Product configuration

- Choa head(White skin) + Love26 Girl Body(White skin),  Make-up(Limited), Outfit, Wig, Shoes, Eyes(Mirror lake eyes 14mm), Guarantee card, Doll Cushion, Doll Box.  




Product information  

- Wig : Custom wig ( 6~7 inch ) 

- Shoes : Coco Mary Janes (MS-Love26-040) #White 

- Eye : Mirror lake eyes 14mm "goods due for sale"

- Outfit : by FeFe

- Makeup : by Sena (Limited Makeup)   



 - For this product, Layaway is possible.  


Precautions for Purchase 

- Head and body are assembled before shipping.  

- Eyes are not fixed in the head to prevent from damage during shipping.  

  Please set eyes in your favorite direction by using the putty included.

- The skin color can be vary depending on your monitor setting.


Delivery period 
 - It takes about 7 to 8 weeks to ship after deposit.
 - Sometimes due to a schedule of operations, it may be delivered sooner or later. Please understand this.
All goods are delivered via EMS courier for safe and fast delivery.





Any questions related to this product, we will try our best to provide a response.  
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