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[Grace63] Chloe head - Limited
 Code 20200416021206
 Selling Price 150.00
 Points 1.50
 Skin Color
 Lovely roll Wig
 Manufacturer Migidoll
 QTY + -
 Totel Price

 9th Anniversary New Limited Head Grace63_ Chloe Head Released 


A cute girl head Chloe will be introduced in Grace63 type, which is newly being prepared by Migidoll.
(Grcae63 type will be updated in the future with a size 60 to 63cm girl doll.)
Since only heads are available, orders are limited to a period of time, and Chloe heads are specially fitted with plates to prevent illegal copying.
The sale date will be opened on May 29th (Friday) at 8pm, and you can purchase only the No-Makeup Head, or you can purchase a set with a limited wig "Lovely roll"
"Lovely roll" has 5 colors, and selectable.


Products sold: Grace63 type - Chloe head 


Options - Meringue Beige (normal) / Sugar White (white)
             - "Lovely roll" A/B/C/D/E (Up to two choices available)


Sale date: May 29, 2020 (8:00 pm) - June 08, 2020 (6 pm) - Korean time standard


*Copy protection Plate *

A (Lovely Blond)

B (Milk Tea)

C (Angel Gray)

D (Honey Brown)


- Chloe head,  Guarantee card, Doll Cushion, Doll Box. 
  (Face-up, Outfit, Wig, Eyes not included)



- Skin Color : Meringue Beige Skin / Suger White Skin

- Lovely roll Wig : Lovely roll  [8~9inch]-1(One) (+ $45) / Lovely roll  [8~9inch]-2(Two) (+ $90)
                             A(Lovely Blond) / B(Milk Tea) / C(Angel Gray) / D(Honey Brown) color can be selected: Please Fill in the "Request of customer" message. We send it randomly if there is no request.
                            A(Lovely Blond) / B(Milk Tea) / C(Angel Gray) / D(Honey Brown) 色の中から選択可能:ご希望の色はお客様の要請欄に記入、別途要請がない場合はランダムで発送

*Due to the operational situation, the wig type has been changed to 4 types.




- Body : Suger White Skin - Sadol Love 60 body  / Meringue Beige Skin - Volks SDGR Girl-body

- Wig :   Limited Custom Wig "Lovly roll " [8~9inch]- 베이스 MH-Style65-027A(Lovly Blond)

- Eye :  Glass eyes (18mm)







- For this product, Layaway is possible. 

-  この製品ではLayawayが可能です。  


- We only sell the head for this product. We don't offer makeup and body.

- The Copy protection Plate is made of special resins.
If removing plates for copy can break the plates and prevent illegal copying.

- You can select up to two wigs. please fill in the wig color you want in the customer request column when you place your order. If there is no additional request, the color will be sent at random.

- The skin color can be vary depending on your monitor setting.

- It takes about 7 to 8 weeks to ship after deposit.

- Sometimes due to a schedule of operations, it may be delivered sooner or later. Please understand this.

- All goods are delivered via EMS courier for safe and fast delivery.
* Due to Corona_19, the EMS delivery schedule may change. Please check the notice for more details about the hipment.

- この製品ではLayawayが可能です。
- こちらの商品はヘッドのみ販売しております。 メイクとボディーは取り扱っていません。


- コピー保護プレートは特殊な樹脂製です。

- かつらは最大2個まで選択できます。 注文書を作成する際、ご希望のかつらの色を作成してください。 作成しなければ色は無作為で発送されます。

- 肌の色はモニタの設定によって異なります。

- 入金後、発送までに7~8週間ほどかかります。

- 運営状況によりお届け日程は変更になる場合がございます。 この点、ご了解ください。

※Corona_19のためEMS配送スケジュールが変更になる可能性がございます。 発送の詳細については、お知らせをご確認ください。



Any questions related to this product, we will try our best to provide a response.  
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