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[Grace] Graceful63 body
 Code 20210818050504
 Selling Price 450.00
 Points 4.50
 Bust parts
 Manufacturer Migidoll
 Sculpted by Migi
 Made in Korea
 QTY + -
 Totel Price


This is the body before the renewal.


We only sell the quantity we have in stock, and some skins have only one or two bodies left, so they can be sold out early.


It can be delivered immediately after confirming the deposit, and when purchasing a body, we give you the hand parts you want among Fist-hands, Point-hands, Hush-hands, and V-hands as a gift.


(Please write down the hand parts you want in the order request section)


It is updated at the same time as the Korean site, so if the one remaining product is ordered first from the Korean site, it can be automatically canceled.


We apologize in advance for this.


The bust parts are all basic bust.

If you want to replace it with a big bust part, please write "assemble it into a big bust part" on the order request.


If we have it in stock, we will replace it with a big bust.




Comfortable and naturally bendable arm joint parts

Protruding area that can provide stability to the upper body pose

Basic Hand Parts




The shape of the left pinky has been modified as shown in the picture.

Additional purchaseable fist hand parts

Hilt-leg parts, the basic specification for Graceful 63 Body

Flatfoot Legs, an additional option for Graceful 63 Body

Double-joint legs without footrest hole parts.

Big Bust

Basic Bust                         Big Bust


Heel-footed Parts 

Heel-footed legs Parts



- Graceful63 body, Guarantee card, Doll Cushion, Doll Box

** This product doesn't include Body makeup. 


** The basic specification of Graceful63 body is heel leg parts.
** Graceful63ボディの基本仕様はヒールレッグパーツです。

** The height of the toes has been adjusted to be lowered a little. It is so finely modified that it is very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye that no photos are attached.

** 足の指の高さが少し下がるように修正されました。 形が肉眼で区別しにくいほど微細に修正され、写真は添付しません。



- Skin Color : Milk White / Suger White / Meringue Beige / Cream Brown(+72$) 

- Select Parts: Basic Bust / Big Bust  



Body Size (Heel leg)

-Height (Shoulder to toe) : 51cm / Including head : 63cm
-Low-cut: 9.3cm
-The length of the shoulder : 14cm
-The bust girth : Basic - 27.5cm / Big - 28.3cm
-The waist girth : 16.4cm
-The hips girth : 27cm
-The thigh girth : 15cm
-The wrist girth : 5.5cm
-The ankle girth : 7.1cm
-The length of the arm : 17.8cm
-The length of the leg :  33.2cm 

-(Heel foot Size)The length of the foot : 6.7cm/ Foot width : 2.7cm
-(Flat foot Size)The length of the foot : 6.5cm / Foot width : 2.8cm


*Error may occur depending on head size and location of measurement.


-身長 (肩からつま先) : 51cm / ヘッド付 : 63cm
-首周り: 9.3cm
-肩幅 : 14cm
-バスト : 27.5cm / 大-28.3cm
-胴回り : 16.4cm
-ヒップ周り : 27cm
-太もも周り : 15cm
-手首周り : 5.5cm
-足首周り : 7.1cm
-腕長 : 17.8cm
-足長 :  33.2cm)




 - For this product, Layaway is possible. 

- The material of the doll is 100% UV resin which is strong against the yellow dust.
- 人形の材質は黄変に強い100%UVレジンです。

- A/S and refunds are not available for the presence of resin fabrication.
- レジン製作時に現れる現象についてはアフターサービス及び返品は致しかねます。
* Marks of removing the gate location that appears during manufacture
* 製作時に現れるゲート位置を除去した痕跡
* Fine dust is present in areas other than small blisters, scratches, or face areas of the head.
* 小さな気泡やスクラッチ、ヘッドの顔部分を除いたところに細かいほこりがある場合
* Body parts color, additional order parts and body color difference
* ボディパーツの色違い、追加注文パーツと本体の色の違い
* Traces to remove other impurities
* その他の不純物を取り除くための痕跡
* Fine blisters and urethane stains on suntan colors and special toner, traces of gate removal
* 日焼け色や特殊な化粧水にあらわれる微細な気泡やウレタンの染み、ゲート除去のための痕跡
- Skin color may vary depending on your monitor environment.
- スキンの色は、モニター環境によって異なる場合があります。
- You cannot cancel the purchase of the doll after checking the deposit using the pre-order manufacturing method. Please make a careful purchase.
- ぬいぐるみは先注文製作方式で入金を確認した後は購入キャンセルできません。 慎重な購入をお願いします。


Shipping Infor / 配送情報 

- It takes about 8 to 10 weeks to deliver after deposit.
- 入金後約8~10週間ほど配送期間がかかり。
Occasionally, it may be delivered faster depending on the operational schedule, or delayed due to natural disasters and poor supply of products. I beg your pardon.
時々運営スケジュールによってより早く配送されたり、天災地変及び製品の供給が円滑でなく、より遅れてしまう場合もあります。 此の段ご了解願います
- All products from Migidoll are shipped via EMS for safe and fast delivery.
- ミギドールのすべての商品は安全で迅速な配送のため、EMSを利用して配送しています。
- Corona-19 is increasing the number of countries where delivery is delayed or impossible. We will try to deliver it normally as soon as possible.
- Corona-19で配送遅延および不可能な国が増加しています。 選択したお届け先によっては配送が遅れる可能性があります。 早いうちに正常に配送できるように努力します。
- Corona-19 allows only "EMS Premium" to be delivered in some countries. "EMS Premium" is more expensive than EMS, but delivers fast and safe delivery. To use "EMS Premium", please contact us via the Q&A board.
- Corona-19により一部の国の中でEMSプレミアムのみ配送が可能な国があります。 EMSプレミアムは追加費用が発生しますが、より迅速かつ安全な配送が可能です。 EMSプレミアムをご利用になる場合は掲示板でお問い合わせください。


Any questions related to this product, we will try our best to provide a response.  
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